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Conflict is 



Conflict mediators are often described as 'neutrals,' because we are not beholden to either party, but to the solution for both parties. I do not describe myself as neutral. I believe 'neutrality' does not advocate for liberation and may enforce oppression. While I remain party-agnostic I do advocate for care for all involved and as such am not inherently neutral but have a transparent agenda. 

Conflict is an opportunity to correct neglect, reimagine connection and find deeper understanding between parties -  even contentious ones! 



  • Employer/Employee Dispute
  • Team Conflict
  • Interdepartmental Friction 
  • Professional Partnerships

Interpersonal Conflict

  • Friendly Disputes 
  • Debt Repayment 
  • Roommate Disagreements 
  • Romantic Strife



  • Creative Partnership 
  • Artist & Gallery  
  • Bandmates 
  • Studio Space Negotiation

What to expect

You can expect email communication with all involved parties at all times during scheduling and contract set-up.


Mediations can happen over Zoom or in person in the Greater North Bay of California Locations available: Napa, Berkeley, San Fransisco, Marin, San Jose, Silicon Valley.

Additionally, I can travel to your location.

I am a resource for the mediation and all parties involved equally. I am not beholden to a single party over another, regardless of who hires or pays. 

When necessary, I rely on California lawyers whom I have long-standing relationships with for contracts and legal requirements. 

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