Professional Summary

I've earned a reputation for delivering products people love by incorporating customer feedback at all stages of development. I'm committed to creating sustainable processes and harmonious teams. I garner buy-in for your vision at all levels to keep stakeholders aligned and proactively tackle roadblocks. I'm also a chocovore, a zero-waste evangelist, and a terrible, but irregular, jogger.


Product Strategy      Agile/Scrum Based Methodology   

Market Research and Launch Strategy 
Backlog Management    User Testing and Feedback Integration

NonviolentCommunication     Clifton Strengths Finder

Work Experience

Head of Product - Bandwagon Technologies, Inc - 5/2018 - 5/2020

Developed and drove the company vision by leading day to day operations and end to end product delivery.  Established agile development practices, created long-term road maps with detailed backlogs, and implemented user-stories in executive planning to reduce product delivery time by 67%.

Enterprise and NGO Projects - 2016 - 2018

Masters Coursework: Finance for Non-Profits, Managing a Philanthropic Enterprise, Globalization & Social Change.

ECOThailand: Consulted for Thai NGO to measure the effects of culture and poverty on climate change.

Served Lakota Sioux leaders and studied restorative justice & organizing in a movement called Standing Rock.


Graduated   2018

Pepperdine University

M.A. Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change

Graduated   2004

Georgia State University

B.A. Creative Writing and Critical Theory of Story

Currently Seeking:

+ Cofounder for zero waste beauty brand 

+ Development Talent for agency collaboration

+ Individuals and couples seeking Nonviolent Communication coaching

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