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Do extraordinary things in unprecedented times

Amanda Jude, 
Empathic Leadership Coach

Leadership is not a  role you're given. It's the values you live by, the tools that you hone, and a vision you work toward. I have over a decade of expertise in empathic leadership and culture change from Silicon Valley to Bangkok. 

San Francisco   Silicon Valley    San Jose


The teams I coach  have big missions and won’t compromise on their values to achieve them. When coaction and implementation cannot be left to chance rely on proven strategies.


My clients know that more is accomplished by leading from the nexus of head and heart - where intuition and instinct are found. 


The organization that gives people a sense of belonging, security and purpose when people need it most will break away from the pack and win the race for top-tier talent.


Employees Report increases in: 



average  increase in overall efficiency due to time saved.

  • Trust

  • Clarity

  • Accountability

  • Alignment 

  • Enjoyment of work


average reduction in the number of meetings needed to address an issue.  


Average meeting time???  

That was cut in  half. Just Imagine. 

Results are from a study done at Merck Pharmaceuticals

Success Stories

"Amanda helped my team resolve long-standing issues that were blocking engagement and cooperation toward our goals. We are more empathetic, more cohesive and more relaxed in our work dynamic than we were before the problems even started. "

M Goncavales, Manager
Bandwagon Technologies

"Getting the coaching sessions was just what I needed, as a Product Manager. Having someone help me who has walked through the path not only saved my sanity but improved my quality of life to my personal and professional development."

Jennae Gedeon 

Head of Product, CulturaGO

"Thanks to Amanda’s patience, expertise, and guidance I broke through a barrier in my growth as a leader. She is not only an incredible resource due to her diverse background and experience but her positive attitude and kindness give you the confidence to go deep so you come out a stronger and better person than when you started. Amanda is someone who can tell it to you straight and take you and your communication to the next level. "

Meghan Cromp, CEO
Key Conservation 

Executives & Teams 

Individuals & Couples

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