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Thanks for being curious about me. 

My Story

             I began my career in veterinary pharma sales. My background as a 'wild girl' spending my time in listening to nature, speaking with animals, and lounging in hay lofts (somehow! On paper!) made me a perfect fit for that role. In some ways, I was. But I suffered for every minute of that success. I disconnected from myself and everything that I resonated with. I cried during the day and hid during national sales meetings. I left big pharma for the exciting promise of a tech startup. I found freedom to learn and grow, coupled with a fast pace and high reward probability suited me much better. My hunger for challenge was satiated and my need for dopamine was constantly fed. But the promise never lived up to reality. The word innovation was tossed about but rarely applied to the work we were doing or how we were doing. it. 

             Realizing that my models for leadership were all hyper masculine and low-key abusive, (oops!) I began to search for alternative models. I discovered thought leaders like Linda Kohanov who pioneers a leadership model based on the success of horse herds which are inherently nonviolent, proactive, and cooperative. I learned how to regulate my nervous system - even when things felt inappropriate or unfair. I began to feel more objective and less emotional and somehow that created more space for my real feelings, not less. I found it easier and easier to speak up for myself, say no, and enjoy my work in a way that worked for me, not against me.


             I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was assembling a toolkit for dismantling the colonization within me and around me. I began mentoring women in the tech industry since there were still far too few of us in those days and then colleagues started sending people to me for support.  Many years and many major personal and collective shifts later I’m here writing this, and you are reading it and we’re both showing up for the work of a lifetime. 

Inspiring Talks Given

Business Workshops Led

I believe . . . 

When we reclaim our power and learn to use it authentically, our voice becomes a tool for profound change and deeper connection. When we're connected, to self and others, and supported there is no limit to what can be achieved. Language is the tool we use to build the change we so richly deserve to see in the world. 

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