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Let life support you. 

Reimagine the power & practice of Empathy.

Mining for a renewed sense of empathy uncovers the deep down places where our perceptions, beliefs, and influences effect how we feel, behave and connect. It gets to the underlying paradigms of our health and happiness.

Living in alignment with our needs and values supports an engaged, supportive, and  secure relationship to our self, our people, and our world.

Releasing attachment, judgment and the problematic paradigms we live within can feel nebulous, challenging, and alienating.

But it's the work of our time. 

And you don't have to do it alone. 

I'm Amanda Jude &
this is what I know. 

"Amanda helped my team resolve long-standing issues that were blocking engagement and cooperation toward our goals. We are more empathetic, more cohesive and more relaxed in our work dynamic than we were before the problems even started. "

M Goncavales, Manager
Bandwagon Technologies

"Getting the coaching sessions was just what I needed, as a Product Manager. Having someone help me who has walked through the path not only saved my sanity but improved my quality of life to my personal and professional development."

Jennae Gedeon 

Head of Product, CulturaGO

"Working with Amanda is like working with my brain turned all the way on, hyper-color, top-speed (but feels like a gentle cruise), all creative pistons firing. Anything I imagine, she’s right there with me asking me the very best question (her legit superpower) to help me get clearer and closer to what I’m trying to create. Her enthusiasm is refreshing, her knowledge-base is extensive, and she’s just an all-around delight. "

Dana Balicki 

Transformational Life Coach (and General Bad-Ass)

How can we work together?

  • 12 Weeks, one full season. 

  • 8 Sessions, 90 minutes at a time, check-ins & access between sessions

  • 1 flat fee (payment plans available) 

I am not here to guide you through a 12 week process to find your heartsong or manifest your dream life. I’m not that kind of a coach. 

But I will support you in finding new ways to speak, think, feel, breathe, and cooperate with the practical circumstances of your life. In my experience that is enough. In my experience, that is radical.  

Take the first step & book an exploratory call to explore our dynamic and your needs. No obligation, no weird sales pitch, no bullshit. 

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